0 Balance

40 is the time to try new things, even with chronic illness.  Lets do it!
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

At 40, I have 2 kids under 2. A husband. A job. A degree I am working on. A dog. A house that needs to be cleaned, meals that need to be cooked and a list of 8000 other things that are always on my to-do list. Finding balance is something that I actually just started to work on lately. Having a chronic illness, and an undiagnosed illness along with it, has not only thrown me way off balance, but it has made it so that balancing my illness with my daily schedule was taking a really big toll on my life.

I don’t have visible proof of this, but I am sure that my lack of balance was and is contributing to my overall health and wellness. Stress wrecks havoc on our insides, and it can’t always be seen on the outside. So the only thing we can really do , is find ways to take the stress out of lives, and get it out of our bodies. Sounds simple right? Ha, ya right, I know it’s not. But you have to start somewhere.

As I have turned 40, I have only now begun this process of accepting what I have, and finding ways to work with it instead of against it. I am hoping that this becomes a turning point for my life. Illness has the ability to turn every aspect of your life upside down. What you knew before, doesn’t always exist now. Learning to start over, doesn’t necessarily come naturally or willingly. The mental toll it takes is quite alarming , and if you don’t have a good mindset and a good support system it is easy to spiral down a dark path.

This section is dedicated to finding ways to take me and us from zero balance to a life of balance. Hopefully with balance we learn to decrease our stress, and increase our emotional and physical well-being.

This photo of the surfer is so poignant to me, surfing has been something I have wanted to try my whole life. When I was in California last year I wanted to try it, but didn’t feel like I was physically capable of it. I spent hours looking up places to surf, and at appointment times, but in the end I just couldn’t justify it. The woman staring at the board is in my eyes, me. The women I want to be. The moment in time I want to be in. I felt a surf board at a California beach surf store, but didn’t get any closer. My goal right now, is to make it to the surf board on my next trip. I’ll be adding that to my vision of my life, right now. I can do it. I will get there. One day, I will post that picture again, but this time it will be me standing next to the board.

Cheers to taking care of ourselves

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