Why Palm Trees with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia?

~It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened~

Philip Sydney

When I was 19, I got my only tattoo that I will ever get. It was a palm tree, on my lower back of course. It’s meaning was one that I still carry with me today. Victory, strength, resilience, peace and beauty. I remember a few trips my parents took us on as kids, and I always looked forward to the first palm tree that I saw, because it meant “we made it”! At the time, I meant it literally. We made it to Mexico, we made it to Florida. As time went by, I looked at the palm tree as a symbol meaning that I had made it in life, and that I must be ok if I was seeing one. If I saw a palm tree, it meant I was on a vacation, and that meant happiness and prosperity. But it was when I saw them bending and surviving in the hurricanes on television that I felt their power and perseverance. After a storm, it was always the palm trees left standing. They are strong, they survive, and they are a thing of beauty and calm. What I strive for everyday.

As I will divulge in upcoming posts, I feel like I am a palm tree that grew up and then weathered a great many storms. As I have turned 40, my life has been a series of storms that keep bending my palms to the floor, leaving me looking up and praying for answers. Each time, I straighened myself back up, and found a way to sway in the breeze. Finding my inner peace and little victories to cling to. Palm Trees helps me heal with POTS.

The goal of this blog is to let you know that you are not alone. Palm trees grow in groves, and so can we. Let’s create a grove that we can support each other. As Oprah once said with Deepak Chopra, ” everyone wants to be seen and heard”. So let’s create a groove of support, and let’s really hear everyone, and lean on each other during those storms. In great numbers we can achieve balance and prosperity. We are all living a life that is a bit coconuts, and guess what? ITS OK! Cheers to keeping those coconuts in our lives and making things a little more interesting!

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