A little Bit Coconuts

We are living in a crazy time right now, and I bet that we all feel just a little bit “coconuts” right now, right? Let’s start our own coconut grove, and support each other, and learn and grow and build up resistance to the negativity around us. At 40, I am still trying to sort out my life. I am battling a chronic illness, and getting tested for others. I try to be the strongest I can be for my family, but sometimes I falter. Sometimes, I just can’t do it. I used to love the line from the Maroon 5 song “look for the girl with the broken smile”. I think so many of us put on these fake smiles, fake social media lifestyle pictures, and behind that all are broken smiles. But we can fix that. By telling you, that you are enough. You are ok as you are. You don’t need to be like the other moms. You don’t need to live lavishly to be happy. Lets all try to be happy with today, and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday. Ok?

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