Living with a Chronic illness and thriving…well kind of.

#Floor Life

I was diagnosed with Pots after many years of not knowing what was wrong. I was a healthy very active lady working as a Paramedic. I would respond to a emergency call and my heart would be racing so fast after climbing the stairs to get to the patient, that I would often look worse than they did! I was playing sports, and having to crouch down to slow my heart rate down between plays. I knew something wasn’t right. After 2 years of being told ” you are young, you are healthy, you are fine” and being shown the door, I finally had one doctor ‘listen’ to everything I was saying and he diagnosed me right away. He LISTENED! That is all it took.

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Along with beta blockers, these 3 are my daily routine. I drink a LOT of liquids and electrolytes every day, and add salt to every meal. I get a kick out of watching people’s eyeballs explode when they see how much salt I am eating. I always get asked, is that good long term? The answer, is yes. I don’t hold onto salt the same way everyone else does. So I am essentially just topping myself up!!

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