Potsies and Yoga

Hi everyone! Welcome to Yoga and Pots. I am starting over from scratch right now with Yoga and essentially starting over with my healing path to my body. At the moment, I have so much pain, stiffness and air hunger, that I haven’t been able to work out much for the last 8 months. It has taken a toll on my body as I struggle to move and do anything without quick exhaustion, becoming very tired and ending up with very sore muscles. In the past I have tried the levine protocol for POTS, but to be honest I struggle with trying to find my exercise balance with how hard to work out so that I don’t suffer for the next few days and have pots relapses or make my symptoms worse. I also find I just don’t have the stamina to do what is required just yet. So I thought I would start with some very light, slow yoga training sessions. And build up my tolerance in my muscles and stamina, and then perhaps I can progress to the rower and bike.

Hit the floor for a few before I really even got started with my Yoga. Sometimes with pots we just have to do what we can…when we can.

Well, I didn’t get far initially, but I got back up and kept at it when my body was ok. I just listened to my body. Number one rule for pots and for yoga, to listen to your body. Yoga has always been a passion of mine. I love everything about it. It helps slow my racing mind, it melts my stress away, and I feel so much better AFTER I complete it. I say after, because the during is a bit of a struggle. BUT I WILL GET THERE! A few years ago, I went away with some girlfriends and they did a yoga session, out on the dock. I sat and watched the whole time. I knew I just wasn’t capable of powering through the session. I watched them and all the other patrons in awe. I remember saying to myself that the next time we went, I would be down on the mat with them. SO that is my goal. MAKE IT TO THE MAT….EVERYDAY. So that I can make it to the mat on the waterfront one day. So ….guess what….I did it….I made the mat mine today!


The nice thing with yoga is you can really go at your own pace, and make your session as hard or light as you feel able. The session I did today is essentially light stretching, but for me, it feels like I am in an advanced class! I can’t wait till I can look back and see what this session looked like a year ago. So join the yoga journey with me…and lets make it to the mat! EVERYDAY!

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