Can this invisible illness be our superpower?

Belief in oneself is the biggest killer of futures

No one knows we are sick.
No one knows we hurt. No one knows the strength it takes to get out of bed, to perform a mundane task, or do even stand for a prolonged time. No one knows how to calculate the hours in a day, to divide and decide how much energy to expand and play with. No one knows how to allocate every single sip of water, electrolyte, and amount of food intake to balance our superpower. But we do.

No one knows our superpower. We have been told we suffer from invisible illness. That no one can see that we are sick. That no one can grasp how awful we feel because we look ok to the outside world. What is this superpower? It’s not invisibility. Guess again. It’s not our illness. Guess again. It is….

Resilience. No one knows what it takes to overcome these things day in and day out. No one knows how much we battle every day. No one knows the true depth of what we feel. No one knows how much mental stamina is required to hold this superpower. No one knows just how strong we are, how fierce we are, and how determined we are. We don’t stay down. We fight. We don’t give in. We battle. We are the strongest superhero out there in the world today. We have the power to overcome and keep fighting. No matter what. However, Our kryptonite is belief. If we don’t believe we are strong, or that we can overcome this, or that we will make it through the day, we will wither. Belief in oneself is the biggest killer of futures. You have to believe you will get better, and that the struggles are worth it. Keep the belief, and know that all superhero’s had powers that they had to keep hidden. It’s time to believe in you own powers.

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