Meditation Chaos

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future

Deepak Chopra


Meditation is not a one size fits all. I learned this the first few times I tried to participate in meditation. I just was not feeling it. I found I could go to a yoga class and blissfully lie down on the mat at the end of the class and “feel” as though I meditated. In reality, I was fast asleep on the mat. I would jolt awake at the instructors voice or little bell signalling us to end the meditation. Wiping away a little bit of drool, I would nod and meet the other classmates gaze and do the whole ‘wowza what a state of zen I was in’. I thought that this was meditation, but in reality it was me catching up on a few z’s from getting no sleep at night thanks to my two little babies at home. When I tried to recreate the experience at home when I couldn’t afford yoga class anymore, I was met with disappointment at my lack of ability to focus and my boredom with it. I tried online classes, and read books on it, and I still felt like I just sat there accomplishing a whole bunch of nothing but frustration. I also had the noise coming from kids stomping up and down the halls, tv’s blaring, dogs barking, and an Italian husband talking on the phone at levels I’m sure the neighbours could hear. How in the world was I to meditate?

I found something that just clicked

Finally it was Deepak that clicked. Actually, it started with the opening narrative of Oprah on the 21 day mediations that she collaborated on with Deepak. It spoke to me. It took me on a journey. It was Deepak and Oprah’s “Hope in uncertain Times”. It spoke to me at a time that I had a lot of strife in my life. I can remember playing the narrative on repeat numerous times before I even meditated. Just soaking in the words. I tried a few other meditation channels on various apps, but Deepak is what I stayed with, and continue to do. The nice thing is that they often offer free mediations for 21 days. I always do these, and then I buy them so I can listen to them when I most need it. ( I am not affiliated with them, I just LOVE what they do!)

How I finally meditated

Most people sit upright in what is considered a proper mediation pose. I lie down, with my noise cancelling headphones on. Completely unorthodox. Who cares! It is works for me, and I encourage you to find what works for you. Sitting up-right would hurt my back, and having my headphones off, led me to hear the noises of a busy household, which caused my mind to wander. With the headphones on, I can zero in. With lying down, I am fully relaxed. So guess what! If people criticize my technique….OH WELL! They are probably the ones that need mediation the most!

On this page I will take you through my meditation journey, and show you what meditations I am doing that work for me. I am not an expert, I don’t know much about mediation at all. So as I learn things, I will share them with you.

If you have never meditated, I will ask you one question. How many times a day do you allow your brain to just sit still, not think, not wonder, not remember, not figure out. Just sit quiet. Have you let our brain have a rest? We are so busy trying to find ways to relax, yet not enough people start with their head. So lets start giving our heads a rest shall we?

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