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My favourite form of Therapy

I sometimes use poetry as a way of coping with emotions that struggle to find a home in my brain. With Pots, I am not always able to burn off energy, so I have often turned to writing poetry as an outlet. I have written poems after a bad call as a paramedic, or bad dreams, or after the death of a loved one. Seemingly, in my darkest hours. However, I do have some positive ones, and I yearn to write more from those places. Unfortunately, I haven’t always saved my poems. They have vanished over the years, as I have learned to cope in other ways. But, I am hoping to use this space as a place to post the ones I do have, and the ones I will have soon. I will also post some of my favourite poems from my favourite writers! I would love to engage in some conversation over them! Please Join me!

Latest Posts

Can this invisible illness be our superpower?

Belief in oneself is the biggest killer of futures No one knows we are sick. No one knows we hurt. No one knows the strength it takes to get out of bed, to perform a mundane task, or do even stand for a prolonged time. No one knows how to calculate the hours in a […]

Reclaiming myself from the grips of chronic illness

I just finished reading “Between two kingdoms” by Suleika Jaouad. While I can’t pretend I understand what it is like to live in the throes of cancer, this book resonated with me so deeply on a chronic illness level. Her struggle to acclimatize herself after she was in remission, captured my attention. This was where […]

The outsiders.

This past year has been trying for everyone. The pandemic has pushed us to the brink and back again. It has taught us to cherish, to fear, to love, to lose, to guard, to distance, to yearn, and to find again. And, it created my favourite thing of all. It created a new generation of […]


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