PTSD- First Responders


This section is very near and dear to my heart. I have suffered from this, and continue to work on my healingl from it. I have a lot of friends and former colleagues that are suffering, continue to suffer, and some that do not yet know that they will suffer from it. I wanted to shine a light on this topic. It needs to be talked about. It needs to be shouted out loud. The public needs to hear it, and people need to start helping those that need it most. Paramedics, Police Officers, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, Veterans. It’s time to give those that help us, the help they deserve in return. If you are suffering or know someone that is suffering, please click on one of the following links and get help! Don’t wait! You are not alone. You will get better. Time does heal, but you need help getting there.

One place to start is your doctor, but if you need someone to talk to right away, please reach out to the ‘Boots on the Ground’ organization. It is available 24/7, everything is confidential and no one is turned away. Or Please click on the links down beloved’s and get the help you need.

Call 1-833-677-2668

or for more information on services offered to first responders with PTSD, check out the wounded warriors Canada page:

Wounded Warriors Canada

Please take care of yourself, and get the help you need. I am proof that you can get better and heal.

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